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Tboi Afterbirth new characters mod!
In this mod I modified the characters to make them mew!
Created 8 years ago
*Isaac- No changes. Can`t change the main character!
*Magdalene- Is now mom! Starts with moms knife and other mom items.
*Cain- Cain has no turned into an angel! He know starts with many items from the angel room pool!
*Judas- He has embraced his evil side and turned into a Leviathan! He now starts with many devil room items and the Leviathan transformation.
*Blue baby- He and guppy became one! He now starts with most Guppy items(and guppy transformation obviously).
*Eve- Eve has won the love of all the fellow flies in the neighborhood! She now starts with most fly themed items and the beezlebub transformation!
*Samson- Samson became the apprentice of the horsemen! He now starts with a set I believed made him look like a horseman and a few horseman items.
* Azazel- Azazel is now bob! An op version of bob to be exact. He also is the shops consumable restock guy.
*Lazarus- Lazarus turned into crap! Literally!Golden one to be exact! Come into concact with him, and turn into golden crap too!
*Eden- Eden embraced his chaotic side and became of being of chaos!... and options.
*The lost- No changes.
*Lilith- When she was informed Azazel turned into bob, she decided to take his place! She finally learned how to cry and fly.
*Keeper- He decided to open his own shop! Having your own shops gives u perks in it. With all the money he was making from the shop he began to love money too much and now he even shoots it!
*The head of Gaben on the Keeper picture is just the head of the keeper, but i was 2 lazy to remove it just for 1 screenshot.


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tip) dont put it in packed just put it in resources
guppy like you
this mode the pest
i clicked on players and it showed something very usless. so the mod doesent even work now. its for windows 8 or windows 8.1 cuz im on windows 10 and another guy was on windows 7 and our computers didint let us have the mod.
It's not working. I put the players.xml file into the resources folder, and none of the characters are different. I'm using Windows 7.
I love this mod, but dont you think it is too op?
Very cool! Очень круто!
No, they're for interesting and creative gameplay changes, not making the game so easy it's boring.
Wow, i play binding of isaac ALOT and i was looking for mods, i saw this one. Its literally one of my fave!
Do you have any other mods installed? Did you remove any items from the game?
came here expecting to be able to play as the 151st pokemon, i was dissapointed
Be disappointed no longer!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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