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First Name Basis
Adds the items the characters named!
Created 7 years ago
This mod simply adds named items to the characters that named them.

Before you ask, yes. The mod that has Afterbirth-exclusive items and Afterbirth-exclusive characters does in fact support Afterbirth.

Edits made:
Isaac- Isaac's Heart and Isaac's Head (Isaac's Tears has been ignored because the D6 is infinitely superior) (Can't have both Isaac's Head and Isaac's Fork)

Magdalene- Maggy's Bow and Maggy's Faith

Cain- Cain's Other Eye (Cain's Eye has been ignored because the Paper Clip is better)

Judas- Judas' Shadow

???- ???'s Only Friend and ???'s Soul

Eve- Eve's Mascara and Eve's Bird Foot

Samson- Samson's Lock and Samson's Chains

Azazel- has no named items, so has had the Daemon's Tail thrown at him

Lazarus- Lazarus' Rags (now revives twice)

Eden- Eden's Blessing

The Lost- Lost Contact (get it?), Missing Poster (GET IT?)

Lillith- no named items, threw Immaculate Conception at her

Super secret character Keeper (shh)- Head of the Keeper

This mod was made with the help (aka blatant stealing) of the Isaac Character Editor


x 23

- Gave Isaac Isaac's Head because i forgot to at the start

- Added The Lost's Missing Poster (because missing and lost are synonyms, get it?)

everyone, let's yell at him to add juda's tongue!
he's my favorite characater and he has such low health
I'm a newb modmaker and you helped me in teaching me that I could use Issac character editor to make actual mods. So, may I give you a shoutout?
Maybe you can do a "I unlocked it so I have it" mod for all of the characters?
do you see how many items the characters unlock? that'd make them too powerful. i'd have to go to all the trouble of adding a "cheats" tag to the mod- I'M DOING IT thanks for giving me the inspiration to do so
Samson should have Lusty Blood too
Do I see a "samson" in Lusty Blood's name? no. I'm not putting it in. I'm aware he used to have that ability, but cain also used to not take bad pills and you don't see me giving him PHD.
No, I said that because its of his items...
Who cares.
hey, this isn't Godmode, buddy
nonono, there's a distinct difference between Godmode and
Ik, just making a not very "puny" joke
You don't have to use character creator to make these kinds of mods. You can just edit the game files.
That is correct. However, as you would know if you actually read the mod description, I did in fact use the Editor.
Im sorry i dont download mods that I dont need because I know how to do it normally.
So i wouldnt need to read the description
This is a really clever Idea for a mod, i like it! and just a suggestion, but the keeper could have humbling bundle just to make him more bareable as a character
Well until it gets renamed to "keeper's gift" or something, i'm not giving it to him. Sorry, but I only add non-named items if there ARE no named items. (I'm pushing it with the Lost's bonuses as is)
Did you know that I don't get two coins if you comment on my mod twice? SO DON'T DOUBLE POST!
cool but what trinket does isaac have???
who says they all have trinkets? eyb0ss is wrong because i screwed up, but no-one said they all got trinkets
I don't get how some people don't already know about The Keeper, and the need to spoiler it is strange, it's been what, 1 month now? Just about every has heard of him, in fact, mods have been created regarding his name, therefore making it obsolete. I'm not hating on this mod, in fact, it's a good job for a first mod. You'll soon get into more things, but if you want to get more .xml and GFX folders, I would recommend going to - They have a decompiler for afterbirth, making modding alot easier and GFX mods for newbies easier to point out how they work, however, things like the size of sprites, would require .exe modding, even if it was easily possible, distributing it would be difficult, I know you just need the base game files, but it can still be tricky, also, I'm sure you know by now, more and more people have been asking : External link? I promptly say "Buy the game" but that doesn't mean you can't make mods. Just stay alert, and keep up the good work!
Wait it wasn't obvious the Keeper secret keeping wasn't sarcastic
at least you've given me a legitimate comment with actual help, I only really made this mod because I felt like I was just creeping around the comments
Now I can say I have in fact made a mod
Heh, I only figured out that Keeper was a thing because of the wiki. Also normally when someone says something is "super secret" plenty of people know about it already
My comment is a legitimate comment with actual help.

I mean no harm/offense with the comment I made

Keep up the good work!
i'd reccomend not giving isaac isaac's heart because that item is horrible
Well maybe Isaac shouldn't have shoved his name on it
It's not like i already ignored the mod theme to make him better or anything (oh wait)
it would be better to have isaac's tears and no heart than vice versa, and what about the trinket isaac's head?
Oh yeah that is a thing that exists damn
Better fix that
Lazarus already starts with lazarus' rags
No, he doesn't
Lazarus can in fact start with the Rags, it just revives him again
I explained this in the mod description that you clearly took time to read, jesus
No, there's no Rebirth support
download the Character Editor and edit the characters yourself if you want Rebirth support
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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