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Ultra Greed's Bake Sale
Replacement for Chorus Mortis
Created 6 years ago
Replaces Ultra Greed's theme with the remixed theme of the equally greedy Muffet!

Remix composed by Gooseworx!

Also includes a calmer version for the shop.


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I downloaded it but it doesn't work. Can you help me please?
This music gets me poppin when fighting ULTRA GREED 6/5
where we put the file ultra muffet ? I don't remember !
I want to test this but I'm too lazy to do an entire greed run. still nice music.

Did you hear what they just said?

They said a human with no shirt and bawling tears will come through.

I heard that they hate Greeds.
I heard that they love to shoot Brimstone at them.
I heard that they like actually find a shop.
I heard...
... that they're awfully stingy with their money.
I would totally take this but i just love HERE COMES THE MONEY
* I would try to make this compatible with the binding of undertale mod, but I'm not good at coding ._. if I can make this possible or if its already compatible, I will be so happy.
Don't worry, it's compatible! Just put it in its respective place in the music folder!
Niccalis Fox...

Pfffft, if nicalis and toby fox worked on undertale, we'd had ultra flowey....... Mega Asriel... oh god
Muffet isn't greedy, she just wants to save her spider family~
greed and the keepers do a synchronized dance
* Ultra Greed pours you a cup of pennies.
* Ultra Greed invites you into his office.
Excuse yourself.
Now I'm just imagining him like this:
And then ... Hust stage 1 ruins EVERYTHING. Auhuhuhuhuhuhu!
He only whats to give you cookies
This one's amazing! In my opinion, it perfectly fits and sounds better than Chorus Mortis. Great job dude!
Made a quick vid of it :P
Some sources said the original is Tiby Fox - Spider Dance.
Yes, but (and here's the kicker, friend-o), This is a REMIX. Give yourself a round of applause and a sticker.
*hands him one of those large golden star stickers with "you tried" printed in comic sans*
How do I download? I put it in the Resources folder.
Did you put the "music" folder in resources or the "Ultra Muffet" folder? You only need to put "music" in resources.
I put the whole file in. Woops. Thanks a bunch! Muffet being my favorite boss and all, I really love to see a mod about her theme.

no, buddy. I think what you should know (here comes the kicker) is that you're the one stopping their hopes and dreams, therefore, muffet has a good reason to atleast attempt to kill you, besides, muffet was fun, I still died a lot, and I hated it.
*An [I forgot how to spell so just fill it out yourself] tension fills the room.
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.