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Lil' Brimstone Charge Meter!
Gauge for Lil' Brim's Charge.
Created 5 years ago
Just a little mod to see how long Lil' Brimstone needs to charge, his horns will slowly turn red as you charge him.

You can also use a normal charging meter if you please!


x 57

- New alternate charge bar

Unfortunatelly i play only on Afterbirth Plus :c
Thanks for making it, it is very much needed! It's funny how such a small thing can be so useful!
This was actually really useful.
Whenever I do stuff with this guy its really untimed and I don't know when he will charge, thanks
Super helpful mod! Having a meter to indicate the charge on brimstone serves players well. Keep up the great work!
A very simple but useful mod, can save your life in much runs.
Really helpful when you plays as Lilith.
The horn meter is AMAZING! Keep up the good work!
In my opinion its sorta easy to tell when he's gonna shoot (i guess i'm just good at timing) But for other people, good mod!
DUDE, what a cool way to implement the concept. Clearer then what we have, but more subtle than a big honkin' meter over his head.
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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