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Masters of Isaac-OP Loadouts
Themed OP Mod!
Created 7 years ago
I wanted to make an OP mod like no other. One that is themed based on the character. Without further ado, here it is.

Isaac: Master of RNG
Maggy: Master of Tankiness
Cain: Master of Luck
Samson: Master of Damage
Eve: Master of Pain (aka benefitting from getting hit)
???: Master of... Blue.
Eden: Master of Customization
Azazel: Master of Lasers
Lazarus: Master of Immortality
Lost: Master of Protection
Lilith: Master of Family
Keeper: Master of Greed.

Not spoiling each character's items, but I will say, if you couldn't already tell, it requires AB to work properly. It also needs certain items unlocked for the characters to hold them, but it is still mildly OP even without every item unlocked.

I am always looking for item suggestions that fit these themes, so hit me up with them!

NOTE: Items shown are only part of a character's loadout. I gave enough in the screenshots to give you an idea of what each character uses, without spoiling every item.


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Are You gonna make this mod for Afterbirth plus?
Your idea is cool but I don't use Rebirth
It works for all afterbirth characters. I personally think afterbirth plus is a waste (especially since steam wont let me buy it), so it will not be updated for it.
I like Afterbirth plus especially for mod support ;) But I can understand You.
I like how each has a different typing based on themselves! (dunno if that makes sense)
This makes doing the perfect run super easy and super fun. Keep up the great work, this mod is making a lot of people happy!
Is Isaac suppose to not hold the D6 with the mod installed?
Yes. However, you need his other item unlocked (The ultimate die, D100)
Very minor update guys: WHY IS EVERYONE BLACK MAGE? I changed to White mage bc rebel.
You want me to do that for you? (cause i could make a mod for that)
I was thinking about that, But not enough items to make it different from Low Brow.
I was thinking about that, But not enough items to make it different from Low Brow.
if you can lose as lazarus now, you are completely inept.
Except if you are me, in which Death by Boredom. (I don't like using 21 lives to win, making him a bit boring).
Would you guys like to see a sequel to this mod? I mean, i'm still happy to take suggestions, but what if I either A: based them on the 7 Sin bosses, or B: asked a character mod creator if I could modify the character stats and put them here as an addon?
Wow... This mod... It is... Error 303
Maybe the site was down for something?
Keeper: Master of Greed.
Playstyle: Donald Trump mode. make as much money as possible, spend it for almost nothing, and make your enemies pay for your walls. also use the credit card for like 15 souls when nobody is looking.
Yep, and then he uses that money to buy votes in his ballot box so the can build walls throughout all of the US. (Item joke and political satire, heh)
Id love to see it, provided you have a custom skin. Mine just plays like trump.
ohh afterbirth... still doesnt work
Just place the files in your resources folder for rebirth
I did that but somehow it dint work but now it does thanx
pretty good hun, barely OP even. I really like it.
Thanks! Yeah, I remember actually dipping into azazel's HP, just to make him equally as OP as the rest.
Master of Blue is my favorite character!
P.S. nice mod!
Thanks! I was actually worried Blue wouldn't be seen as a good theme, But I just had him and Lazarus left, and couldn't really think of any more real advantages to playing BB then "he's blue, I guess?"
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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