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Small Character Edits
I think this can work...
Created 5 years ago
Some characters are changed. I did this because I wanted to add a little balance.
Isaac- AAA Battery
Magdalene- Bloody Penny
Cain- Latch Key
Judas- No longer has Book of Belial, 2 hearts and a black heart, Judas' Shadow, Judas' Tongue (Shadow now has an extra black heart)
???- Lil' Larva
Eve- Black Feather
Samson- MEAT!, Champion's Belt
Azazel- One black heart, Demon Baby
Lazarus- D20 (Revived Lazarus now holds..... Endless Nameless)
Eden- No change
The Lost- No Change
Lilith- Daemon's Tail
Keeper- Pay 2 Play, Head of the Keeper, The Hermit

I might've forgot a few....


x 16

- New items

- Accidentally made Keeper start with the Empress. Now he should start with the Hermit.

It's nice to see some mods don't just make the game easy.
Head of The Keeper for Keeper is logical, not OP
Nothing makes the game easy in this mods.
That's why it's good.
Exactly. I love the challenge of this game, so I did not want to ruin it by making it super easy.
the keeper with the keepers head is just logical
I've always thought that it would be a good idea for Blue Baby to start with the D20.
I made Lazarus start with the D20 because he has a lowered chance of getting a pickup. If it's not one you want, then just reroll it. I'm planning to give ??? the Larva trinket.
A few suggestions
Give isaac the battery, give maggy the child heart instead, ??? either the larva or the petrified poop, eve with the mark, but 1 less heart, eden can stay, the lost the ventricle razor and lilith immaculate conception
I did this to balance the characters. The Lost was superbuffed and now he's a bit too easy to play as. Lilith doesn't really need Immaculate Conception. I think it does not make sense and it would probably break her. The mark sounds good, but one less heart will make Whore of Babylon always active. I can try to work with that. The larva for ??? makes sense, too. He is a rotting corpse after all. I think I prefer the penny though. I'd rather give a possible chance on coin pickup, rather than a better likelihood because she already has the Yum Heart. It also makes sense from a character standpoint.
I will try to work with this.
I also think the Battery could break Isaac because of his rerolls. Maybe AAA Battery.
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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