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Dice Room Descriptions
Adds text that explains the effect of the diceface.
Created 8 years ago

This mod adds an describing text for each diceface you can find in an diceroom. this text is displayed for each face as an seperate entity so you only see the effect of the current face, not the effect of all other simultaniously.


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- Added Readme file

- Added Readme File

- Fixed Spelling :)

so good description i love it
Great idea, I believe that I use my phone more than play TBOI.
This mod helps me see if I am going to get messed or if it is going to benefit me. Thank you
should work with rebirth, too , but i havnt tested it.
i think it works i mean the game started..
well i found a room.. nothing changed so its useless for rebirth
I really enjoy your idea because i love to use dice rooms ;)
But i never remember what they actually do :p
No More Need To Tab Into A Wiki Every Time.
I used to think that they were just a YOLO thing
now i feel sad cause' i memorized them all...
definitely useful for new players and forgetful players alike!
I thinked the effect was random
I always forgets which one is which, but with this, I don't have to go to internet and check every single time!
Comes in Very handy, this room messed up my runs
nice! I've never actually known what dice rooms do, so this helped alot.
Finally a mod for this. Now I don't have to keep running back to Platinum God to see what each dice room does what.
Useful mod. Saved my skin when I almost rerolled a good run
Very useful information for a Isaac player still finding his feet.
Thanks for this great mod saves me from having to look it up on the wiki.
Thanks for the mod- I always forgot what the dice rooms do
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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