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The Binding Of Scout
A TF2 crossover mod!
Created 8 years ago
This is a mod that replaces Isaac with the Scout from Team Fortress 2!

He starts with the Bonk! (that replaces Unicorn Stump) and 2 reskinned Speed Upgrades.

The Cancer trinket has also been changed...
let's just say, most TF2 players will get it.


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Nice mod, but i want to ask you something, are you still working in other classes? just asking for curiosity sake
I have no plans to continue this mod anytime soon, sorry.
oh well, if you dont want to work on this mod anymore, there is no problemo my amigo
Guys will be spy as playable character?
If I ever find time to continue this mod, yeah, all classes are planned.
I hope so... cuz spy my favorite character in Tf 2
Accurate Lenny description you got there. We need a full TF2 mod now.
Cool! Also, if you are going to do anything else with this, you should replace some of the other items with TF2 Scout ones. Sandman ball could replace boomerang, as they both act KIND OF similar, monstro's lung could be scattergun, etc.
lenny is not cancer.... lenny is the true copy and paste of tf2
wow this is cool!
plz do one of engineer!!!
I've almost got Heavy Weapons Guy done, so Engineer might be next!
This is actually pretty neato.
Who does it replace?
In the first screenshot I noticed something weird. The hat is supposed to fit on someones head , not take over it. I suggest moving up the hat a bit so It doesn't look like an actual piece of the players head.

Cool idea though.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!