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If you missed him on the daily , you can play him with this mod!
Created 8 years ago
UPDATE : Old method removed , much cleaner and newer method implemented.
Fixed missing face issue with new method on other characters.

Hello , on 06.12.15 Edmund released a patch with It's most visible feature as playing the Daily Run as Satoru Iwata.

Screenshots without filter :

This daily was dedicated to Satoru Iwata because he died early this year and 06.12 is his birthday.

Now this mod replaces Isaac with Satoru and gives him the items he had in the daily.

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x 64

- Fixed misinformation in Instructions.

- Sprite&Animation method removed

- Much cleaner with new method

I'm asking where are Satoru Iwata costume in the game files ?
Also great mod
Does it work with Rebirth, or is it Afterbirth-only?
when i installed the mod and started game it says isaac-ng.exe has stopped working : (
I will look in to possible crash reasons when I'm available.

Thank you for your feedback!
I just tried the mod on a fresh install and did not crash.
This mod may be clashing with some mods you already have , I'm sorry.
Is afterbirth required? Because that may cause the crashing if they don't have it.
Thank you, for letting this great man live on.
This is a great thing that you've done.
Through Edmund's effort and my mod let us remember how great of a person he was.
[F] Great mod, Now people can do crazy fun seeds as Iwata.
Never forget.
Thank you so much for making this. also I think i'll try to mod the item pools to give Iwata his conditions in a separate mod, unless someone else beat me to it.
Thanks , would love to see that mod !
Without plugging it too much. I made a very simple one.
How did you edit the character sprites? Any links to reddit posts?

This subreddit should help you out.
can you make it to where it changes Lazarus instead of Isaac
I'm not sure I can. I will look into it however not today.
thank you, if you can't you can't XP
Sorry I couldn't manage to replace him with Lazarus
I crashed on the second floor because steakmund. At least I will have the chance to play as him again if I want to, thanks.
Do you want to have an edited itempools.xml from my mod that basically makes all item rooms only have Nintendo items?
Great Idea however this mod is not for playing the daily it's for playing "Satoru". So I did not alter the pools.
looks nice, i'm gonna be honest i played the daily challenge on that day and didn't really notice (besides the differing starting items) because i have the undertale mod
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