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Donkey Kong AfterBirth!
Don-Key- Kong. YEAAHHH.
Created 5 years ago
I said it would be done, and it sorta is. This is going to be a big mod to be released, with future updates including full music changes, and more sound effect replaced coming soon!


- Some boss sound effects,
- Monstro
- Monstro II
- Blastocyst (Well, pretty sure.)
- Maybe others.

- Ambush music,
- Mom boss fight sounds,
- 2/4 treasure room enter sounds,
- Title Screen music,
- Credit music. (I think you know what it is.)
- Game over music
- Game enter noise.

May not be worked on.


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And nobody said it could be done. Now let's be civil in this comment line.
need the "HMM BANANAA!" in somewhere dude! gonna be cool xD
It is, at least I think it is. Is has a chance of playing when you enter a treasure room.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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