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So you can distinguish them better! (also , swag)
Created 5 years ago
Fix update

Fixed some errors in the sub-mod comes with this mod.
Nothing changed in Special Shopkeepers.

Very simple mod that changes how Special Shopkeepers look.

Now they are golden thus easy to distinguish , and look shiny!

Installation instructions are in the file , Enjoy!

$ Also don't forget to check my other mods $

// Better looking Diamond Tears ! //

// Fancy Syringes!


x 36

- Fixed some errors in the sub-mod.

- // Uploaded requested mod from user JoeyWood82

- Of course anyone else can use it if they want.

Golden shopkeepers look nice, in my opinion. I would like to see some mods similar to this one, like golden Greed and Super Greed (maybe Ultra Greed too, but I don't think it will make any sense since he turns into a golden statue when you defeat him). I don't think there's enough gold in my TBoI.
how likely is the "special shopkeeper" spawn
A simple but fancy mod.
love the idea of the mod... just a lot of the special shopkeepers don't have anything in them when blown up and bombs are wasted. i assume these special shopkeepers work the way special rocks do...yes?
Normal shopkeepers have a small chance to drop either 2 coins or spiders. However special shopkeepers are very likely to drop a nickel. Both have a small chance to drop "Keeper's Head"
so that's how they work... gotcha. thanks for the information.
Great mod, I've had to edit the tinted rocks a bit because you forgot to gold all of them!
Some floors have more than one type/model of tinted rocks and you edited into gold only the first model.And BTW, be careful because the rocks next to the golden edited ones have some goldish colour around their edges.I've fixed that, if you want, you can contact me because I like fixing mods and editing stuff.
Lot's of people downloaded and since no one said anything I did not realize the mistakes , I can fix them myself.

Ok, I've just wanted to help you but anyways your mod made my life easier and fancier!
You've done a very good job, like I did, but this is now for everybody thanks to bug-reporting guys!
You created fancy syringes too?I love your ideas and your work, keep it up like that!
Get out. No one with any standards uses filters.
I used to think like you too . Actually I played like 150 hours without the filter with no problem. However suddenly I felt like I needed it.
any chance you can make a matching mod for special rocks?

that would be awesome...
there isn't one that turns special rocks gold for afterbirth yet that i've seen... all i've found give a yellow border to them.
Okay I'll try to make it for you and include it in an update to this mod. Not today though , I'm tired
If uploaded an extra file for you. Update this mod and It will come with it. Read the instructions inside the .rar.
There are already a lot of mods for your request , search and I'm pretty sure you'll find them.
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