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Shop Donation-Machine Farm
This mod allows you to fill up the shop donationmachine quickly
Created 7 years ago

This mod spawns "a Dollar" and the standard Shop donation maschine into the starting room of the normal/hard mode.

Follow the FAQ on /r/themoddingofisaac ( )


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Okay I deleted my comment thinking I was wrong (and poor grammar ) however it seems to work. Just get an infinite d6 + an op run to steam role through the first floor plus a hermit card and a dollar. Reroll shop until you find the glowing hourglass. Then donate all of your coins until it breaks (get a run where you can drop like 30 cent), pick up the glowing hourglass and activate it, then go back to the shop and do the same thing again, reroll until you find the Glowing Hourglass, donate, activate, etc. It seems like the donation machine keeps the amount of coins you could donate each time you go back in time. So if you manage to get a donation machine that will accept 99 cent and do this method (minus finding 15 cent for the hourglass on the floor) you can easily get to 999 in 9 tries (even though that is like a 1% chance or less) but still, pretty cool game mechanics
I normally keep my donation machine at 998 (I got 1001% about a year ago xD), but, I heard donating 10 cents on a floor raises angel deal chance, so I tried. After 2 cents I realized that this was incredibly braindead. After 1 hour as restarting with the keeper (1-7 cents per run, 1 run per 3-5 minutes), I decided to get this, was worth it, thank you.
this didn't get seal of approval but the copy of this mod did
weird. i will ask a mod about that issue. thanks for pointing this out
I'm using this mod when my donate machine is at 940 XD It infuriates me when i donate 3 coins and it breaks!
SO much easier to get a full shop! Takes so long to fill that greedy greed machine normally
Hmm... Not sure if I should just take the dollar and run, or donate it all.
i followed the instructions but nothing happened
tryed to put in the resource and... nothing , tryed on packed and... nothing, again i just cant figure out how to install
have you put the .zip file OR the files IN the .zip file into the resources folder ? you must put the files and folders in the .zip file into the resources folder.
Followed the instructions and no shop appeared.
Installed 00.special rooms.stb in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources\packed

and nothing
you must put it in the resources folder not in the packed folder. this was an error in the faq (fixed now). in addition to that you must put the folder "rooms" in the resources folder. in this folder must be the 00.special rooms.stb located.
this mod really helped me get the 999 in the donation machine. thanks!.
thank you very much for your constructive and helpful criticism. i will try to create a more appealing mod based on your comprehensive ideas for improving this mod.
Lel, Best response ever (Yeah i know this is 2 months ago)
Just noticed this a year and a half later. I totally forgot I said this! Haha I was just joking too. It is actually a good mod.
IT doesn't work. I read the instructions and extracted the files in the appropriate location. I've tried the Greed mode Donation Machine mod, and that one worked... Not sure why this one isn't.
Never mind, it worked, but not exactly per following the instructions;
What I did is I extracted the file and pasted the "room" folder with its content in /Resources, but not in /Resources/packed, even though I'm running Windows 64 bits.
Thanks a lot!
Why is this under the graphics tab?
I followed the instructions it doesn't work :P
have you put it in the correct resources folder ? the stb should be placed in : ...\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources\rooms\
ye but I don't need it now, I'm close enough as is, at 800+ coins
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