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Greed Mode= EZ
Makes Greed mode easy!
Created 7 years ago
This makes it so all items in the shop have $0 as their cost! Infinite items in Greed Mode!


x 41 does not work ive tried to take them out and put them in resources and i tried to extract them but they didnt work.
This made my day as Azazel. By the time I hit the breakfast zone, I had explosivo shots the size of Jupiter stuck on Ultra Greed's statue. Well done!
Just don't work! I put it into resources. Open the game and all items cost 15...
You have to take the files out of the folder it came in and then put them in resources.
Honestly, I could make this myself. You just used char. editor and gave everyone two Steam Sales.
No i went into the files and edited them. Its not meant to be good just fun for people new to the game.
Are you using the right version? Because this doesn't work.
It kinda ruins Greed Mode's fun...
Greed mode is probably the most boring thing in the universe, so yea..... you're weird
When trying to use greed mode with lilith it crashes until i remove the mod. your thoughts?
it doesn't seem to be working for me, I'm not sure if I did something wrong, I put the "Characters Greed" folder in my resources folder, and nothing is happening
You have to extract them and put the contents into your resources folder.
OK, I extracted it and everything, it just brings up the "characters greed" folder again, i did it again and it still doesn't work
After you extract it you still have to take out the files inside of it and put them into your resources folder.
It doesn't seem to be working for me. I have it unzipped next to the usual packed folder but now that I've opened the game up nothing has changed
Please help
can you guys help I unzipped it into resources as usual and nothing changed (I've had this issue with a few other mods as well, basically any mod that changes how a room works e.g. the mod that allows greed donation in normal shops and the mod that changes special item rooms to have 5 special items instead of 1) I have tried shoving these files in every part of the resources and still no change D: help! D:
Alright I've figured it out. When you have unzipped it you have to take the file Players out of the file you just unzipped and place it next to packed then it should work
cheers dude ill try that no guarantee's ill get it right though not been a pc gamer for long so my pc knowledge is noobie at best xD
But greed mode was easy already. It's not even hard to break it like it's here.
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