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The Binding Of Sins
Makes the 7 sins playable!
Created 7 years ago
This mod replaces the characters with the 7 sins (Only replaces 7 characters. Obviously)

Isaac: Wrath
Maggy: Gluttony
Cain: Greed
Judas: Pride
Eve: Lust
Samson: Sloth
Lazarus: Envy

October 2017: Im not working on this anymore if it wasnt obvious from the 2 years without doing anything


x 39

- Added Sloth in place of Samson

- Onethatiz helped and added transition screens for Wrath

- Added Lust in place of Eve

- Made changes to the character menu

- Currently a bug with blank items. Sorry.

- Fixed bug with picking up items

- Completely finished sprites for Greed and Wrath (Except transition screens)

- No longer crashes game

- Added Greed in place of Cain

- If you pick up an item, sprites may glitch

- If you pick up The Inner Eye, Blood of the Martyr or Dr. Fetus it will not show

- Made the mod work

- Only Isaac is changed as a test. Read the description.

- I edited the character menu to show Wrath and Greed skins

Please update this, I cannot get Pride, Gluttony or Envy.
Im Very sorry about the updates, my computer broke down and i had to re make all the files. Sadly this version will no longer be updated, and a new version will be launched soon now that i know more about re spriting certain animations.
I've been waiting for something like this
For some reason I don't have Pride or Envy.
Read my response the the top comment
Hey man is this still compatible? and when Issac plus comes out will you update it???
My ideas:
Keeper - Greed
Cain - Super Greed (not ultra) (My items: Coin Tears)
In alternative version - All deadly sins are turned into Super Deadly Sins.
hey, just a thought, Lust(the pink one.. right?) shouldnt have any tears. (if you're able to) and maybe start him with Ramming speed, Poison touch, and the wafer? so you have to run into enemies, like he does (also give him maybe 4 hearts and 2 demon hearts?) this is just a thought! hope you read!
No problem! i'm looking forward to this mod, i really think it will be a huge success! Its a really great foundry for a good mod. Also, i had an idea for gluttony, it may not work perfectly, but here it goes:You should give him tammys head. (you know for the8way tear blast) and brimstone. i think Ts head actually would shoot brimstone then. but you should try!
Envy curled in a ball just looks... terrifying.
How am I supposed to put the download in the Isaac folder?
this is a great idea and maybe you could make playable Horsemen?
wow i work on the same idea too, but great mod
it kinda doesn't make sense to make Greed be cain. i personally dislike isaac being wrath, either.. but good mod anyway
I can change it so it makes more sense if you would like. I am always looking for suggestions.
well, in my opinion it makes sense to make Keeper as Cain, and maybe wrath being judas cuz power.
I realize i made a mistake. Hopefully you notice what it is
Im working on a fix so you don't glitch when an item is picked up.
if you haven't already I've fixed that along with boss and stage portraits as well as item compatibility.
I would rather work on it myself. Sorry
Okay. I'm ready for help XD. This is harder than I thought. Can you send the files you made to th[email protected] please? I will put you in the credits of the mods if you do.
all i have done is the boss portraits and stage portraits and only for wrath i havent touched anything else i can still send you that if you want.
Yeah that's good. I can base other things off of those.
i would give him less bombs and then give him reusable bomb for better balance. unless you arent going for balance.
I will give him 20 bombs and a reusable bomb. Keep giving feedback because this is in its VERY early stages. Greed is coming soon!
I'm actually Interested in helping with this if you wanted. I've done some modding work for other games in the past but this is the first idea that interested me for this game.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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