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LISA Music Mod
Replaces the entire soundtrack (Afterbirth included)
Created 8 years ago
This mod replaces every single song in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (+ Afterbirth DLC) with appropriate songs from the LISA: The Painful RPG (+ Joyful DLC) soundtrack by Widdly 2 Diddly.


Put the contents of the archive in "steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources".

I used music.xml so it won't be compatible with other mods that use music.xml.


Basement -------------> War Season
Cellar ----------------> Pebble Man
Burning Basement -----> Wrongside

Caves -----------------> Boogie From Beyond
Catacombs ------------> BBB
Flooded Caves ---------> Bath Boys

Depths ----------------> Bloodmoon Rising
Necropolis ------------> Roll the Dice
Dank Depths -----------> 666 Kill Chop Deluxe (dankkk)

The Womb --------------> The Art of Flesh
Utero -----------------> The Art of Flesh
Scarred Womb ---------> The Art of Flesh

Blue Womb -------------> Land of Hints

Cathedral -------------> My Lord, My Wally
Chest -----------------> Goodbye Baby

Sheol -------------------> Blood for Sex
Dark Room -------------> The Big Girl Has Cometh


Angel Room ------------> Praise Wally
Devil Room -------------> Welcome to Hell
Library ------------------> Bo's Bro
Arcade -----------------> Men at Work
Secret Room -----------> Death Lingers
Store -------------------> Last Call Before Hell
Boss Room (Cleared)---> Bile


Ambush ----------------> Brawlin'
Boss Fight --------------> Steel Mill
Afterbirth Boss Fight ---> Creep On Her
Mom --------------------> Chris Columbo
Mom's Heart/It Lives ---> I Am Satan
Isaac -------------------> LOVE
??? ---------------------> The End is Nigh
Satan ------------------> All American Badass Mastered
The Lamb --------------> Arrow to the Head
Ultra Greed ------------> Brokentooth March
Hush--------------------> Exploding Hearts


Main Menu Theme -------> The Sireen's Call
Credits ------------------> Live in Joy
Death Sound ------------> Gotta Die Sometime
Game Over Screen------> Joy Boy


Boss Defeated ---------> Gotta Die Sometime
Boss Intro -------------> Evil Draws Near
Floor Transition -------> God's Call
Loading Screen --------> God's Call (these two are different)
Discover Secret Room --> Father's Call
Treasure Room ---------> Big Boy's Call


Give me suggestions if you want to see some changes.


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Possible suggestion. Maybe we could get some music from Lisa: The First. For example, maybe replace Blood for Sex for Sheol with something like Fear + Hunger from the first game.
I've been looking for a mod like this ever since I completed Lisa: the Painful. The music surprising fits well and is a welcome change to my copy of The Binding of Isaac.
Looks like all the links work fine.
Anyone got any suggestions?

I was considering Die Die Die! for Sheol and Go Home Johnny for Isaac Fight, but I'm not sure.
I was thinking Ode to the Oblivious for the arcade. I wanted to Boy oh Boy used somewhere, but oh well.
Yeah, I wanted to use Boy Oh Boy somewhere too, but I couldn't think where it would fit. Ode to the Oblivious would fit too, but Men at Work also fits pretty well.

Hard decisions, hard decisions. What do you think about Die Die Die! instead of Blood for Sex?
I was wondering if boss Isaac's music could be changed. It feels like a bit of a snooze fest, especially for a near endgame boss. I personally feel like either Rando March or Brokentooth March would fit much better in this boss fight.
I personally consider Isaac to be harder than ???. They have the same HP, and Isaac's attacks are much harder to evade (especially RNG lightrays).
Brokentooth March is already used for Ultra Greed tho, and it fits really well.
I think I really should change it to Go Home Johnny, because LOVE is pretty spooky at the end of the track, I noticed it only recently.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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