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They look fancier and easier to distinguish!
Created 5 years ago

Now they are optionally available with volume marks!

Credits to user Jetstrike1111

Hey there , I always hated how syringes looked. They looked plain. Basically this mod changes how syringe items look. Those items are : "Synthoil , The Virus , Growth Hormones , Experimental Treatment , Speed Ball and Roid Rage".

The best looking one was "Synthoil" so I increased the amount in the syringe and made all of the syringes look like Synthoil. Turned out great I think.

Check out my other mod I posted a few days ago :

Edit : Previous title started with "Better Looking" and I decided that is not the case , they just look fancier in my opinion.


x 48

- Optional volume marks added!

- Thanks to Jetstrike1111!

Is it posible for you to upoad this as a .zip instead of a .rar? I can't use .rar files...
how do i install the mods that open on word pad?
One complaint I do have is that speed ball and synthoil look far too alike. Could you update the mod, making synthoil a darker gray, perhaps? Other than that, this seems like a pretty good mod, all things considered.
No, thanks to you, because you work hard for bring this awesome mod
The art style looks like the original BOI.
The base syringe is from "Synthoil" which indeed looks like original BoI.
Yeah I just noticed that now. I wrote "Jetstrike1111" in the credits because that was your steam name.
Thanks for listening!
A++++++ modder
You're welcome ! Make sure to thank "Jaredstrike1111" for providing sprites when I was busy.
Oh, my name hasn't changed back. It's now Jetstrike1111 lol
Compare them to their older versions and you'll see the difference!
They look really nice and clean, great job!
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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