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Harder bosses and Better special rooms!
Fair bosses and better special rooms!
Created 8 years ago
-This mod is discontinued and will not be updated, sorry.
-And by the way, its only for Rebirth

Hello! have you ever thought "man, this game is getting repetitive" and wanted to get something different? well, this mod changes:
-Bosess and mini-boss rooms
-Challenge rooms
-Curse rooms
-Sacrifice rooms
-Shops increase +1 Item by level with 7 as max and 3 as level 0 (Same donation requirements as before)
-Secret rooms
-Boss rush
-Black markets
-All basement (not cellar) rooms
-Treasure rooms
-The chest

PS2:If you find some room with some rocks/spikes "lefting" they arent lefting, those spaces are used in case you enter the bossfight from there (And to prevent seeds from changing by changing from where you enter the boss room)

[How to install?]
To install it, go to the C:/ Disk and then enter:
program filesX[number]>steam>Steamapps>Common>The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth>resources. and drop it there. Dont drop it zipped


x 10

- Updated treasure rooms to have a low chance to spawn a beggar and even lower chance to have 2 items

- Noticed that some secret rooms cant be accesed

- Changed some impossible-to-complete bosses to just be hard

- Changed all 568 basement rooms to be harder

- Added some special rare rooms in the basement to give players an extra item (These can be free, like the fire pentagram, or must be "achieved" like the fortress one, if you dont understand, dont worry, you will once you play the mod enough)

This seems cool. But I have Afterbirth, so I'm gonna wait until this is compatible with it c:
Ive already asked Chronometrics, dont worry, i will update as soon as he updates his tools...
Because doing it manually would take me forever...
Like, seriously, it took me a 3 days to update the 568 basement rooms, but for now i will aim for the cellar, luckily when he updates we can "move" the data, otherwise, its gonna take more time, not much, but more.
Crashes my game when I start a run.
Afterbirth support will come soon, try to just play it in rebirth ;v
I didn't realize no AB support :P
me dise You most own The Binidin of Isaac: Rebirth to download this mod.
A ver pipa, no me spamees el mod, te dice que Tienes que tener COMPRADO LEGALMENTE The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth para descargar el mod, esta pagina funciona así para evitar pirateria.
Los nuevos iconos se compran en la tienda con centavos, ganas centavos haciendo comentarios, y tambien puedes ganarlos consiguiendo que a las personas les gusten tus mods (osea, si alguien baja mi mod, me da una monedita, y si alguien le da favorito a mi mod, me da 2 moneditas)
Espera, como que no podes, que te dice?
This looks quite cool actually. i shall try it.
hmm, nobody has noticed this mod. it looks pretty good. ill be the first. ill give some feedback later
Thank you!
Hope you like it
And hope someone else finds it...
stuff happened and i never actually even downloaded. i left comment and "oh shit" downloading now
:P i saw it, im pretty much counting every person who downloads this...
Good news, the next update is near.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!