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Proper Cursed Eye
Because let's face it, it's shit
Created 9 years ago
Have you been frustrated since you didn't recognize that horrible item?
Have you wanted to change it so you know it's shit and you shouldn't pick it up?
Well, worry not, since this exists, I guess.

>does it work with afterbirth??????????????
>how do i download it??????????????
If you can't see that big-ass download button, then I can't really help you.


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>The cursed eye isn't shit at all
But seriously, it's awful.
What if i Play as the lost? And it's the best item (excluding holy mantle or dead cat)
... I have been searching my whole life!


ecsactly what i thousht on cursed eye!
it could be good with the lost but most of the time yea it is utter crap! so if you saw this item for the 10th time would you do? A. pick it up? B. Reroll it? or C. Go To The bathroom and flush your head down the drain?
some people might like the cursed eye not everyone hates it.
Recently I've been picking up this item accidentally so this will be nice to distinguish better.
It had to be done

thank you for this
You can't say that. It's his opinion. I also like cursed eye. It's a good item as long as you can dodge.
Agreed. And here is am typing more so I can post this without the website saying my reply has to be longer.
If possible you should try to make it work towards the "Oh Crap" transformation.
I doubt that's possible, but I'll try my best.
Yeh, I think it might require hard coding, if you happen to find a way to do it please tell me, that'd be really cool
it's not horrible

it can combo with so much stuff

mutant spider, 20/20, inner eye, black candle
wait, does... does black candle actually remove the cursed eye's curse? that would make a lot of sense....
Yep, it does. Brimstone also overrides it while also getting a charge speed increase(And apparently damage, too).
Nothing's worse than getting teleported out when the boss has ~5% of his HP left. Even without the teleporting effect, you lose your DPS most of the time.
I know right!? I had the cursed eye on the hush fight and he was almost dead, but i got hit by his wave of shots, and got teleported out of the room. Thats why i got this mod
You'll only get teleported out if you get hit..

git gud
Hush is almost IMPOSSIBLE to dodge. Its a bad item if your going for the Hush kill. Its a lot easier with Gnawed Leaf, Trinity Shield, ect. I currently have 500 something Eden Tokens and 1001% and I still get hit by Hush every once and a while.
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