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Darker Devil Items
You fit a theme, or you gtfo.
Created 5 years ago
Now Devil Deal items that change the appearence of your character making you demonic, follow a theme!

All hail our Leviathan overlords!

Affected items now look kinda like Brimstone/Whore of Babylon/Lord of the Pit do.

Pentagram now looks like the old Abaddon, while Abaddon has a complete new look! (The one in the middle).

Improvements for Zodiac and Marked included too

To install just drop in your resources folder.


x 72

- Ninja fix for Pentagram.

This mod is a great reskin for devil items, really makes them have more emphasis, but the pentagram/Abaddon may confuse certain players...
Seems like a great idea! Maybe you could do the same with the Zodiac items?
could you have higher res screenshots please? the pictures are ant-sized!!! seems interesting though
It's not like pentagram is a bad item, anyways.
Now I'll never mix up Abaddon and Pentagram! Not to mention Pentagram actually looks like a, y'know, pentagram. :p
Great mod that keeps everything consistent.
It's useless...
So it's undispensable!
so dark......... very dark items red red and more red....... anyway cool mod!
I've confused Pentagram with Abbadon twice now. Fuck me.
Awesome! I like this idea and how it was delivered. Keep up the great work!
Could we have a version with the normal Abbadon? It tripped me up and I died.
Would love to see screenshots of how they acctualy changed your character, supouse I will just have to give it a shot to find out.
The mod just changes the items' icon. The visual effect on Isaac remains unchanged.
Damnit, i knew it would be a littleee bit confusing, so i made a super neat image with all the old items with their new replacements, but i accidentally deleted that image and it took me soo long and i had no time left, but i will remake it again later today , also, only one that changes much is Abaddon, so once the image is up, you guys will see is not that confusing .
great idea but its kinda confuse though
ohhhhh no thats gonna be too confusing what with the abbadon.......... stuff......
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