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Better item pools for Afterbirth! :)
Created 5 years ago
Don't like that item showing up in that item pool? You would like more items to show up in that another pool? Well worry no more! We got you covered

These are all the items that were added:

Item Room Pool
-Trinity Shield
-Mr. Dolly

Shop Pool
-Luck Foot
-The Hourglass
-Spelunker Hat
-The Gamekid

Boss Pool
-Sad Onion
-Blood of the Martyr
-Halo of Flies
-Mini Mush
-Odd Mushroom (Both)
-Chemical Peel
-SMB Fan
-Mom's Key
-Black Lotus

Angel Room Pool
-RIP Sea Scrolls, get outta mah pool.
-Blood of the Martyr
-Eden's Blessing

Secret Room Pool
-Spoon Bender
-Treasure Map
-Book of Shadows
-Steam Sale
-Daddy Long Legs
-Humbleing Bundle
-There's Options
-Fate's Reward
-Lil Chest
-Eden's Blessing
-God's Flesh
-More Options

Library Pool
-Monster Manual

Challenge Room Pool
-Now has the Boss Pool

Red Chest Pool
-Cursed Eye is no longer invited to the party.
-Guppy's Hairball

Beggar Pool
-No more Bottle o' Pills, Demon Beggar already has it.
-No more Mom's Purse, ^^^^.
-Giga Bean
-Kidney Bean
-Fruit Cake

Demon Beggar Pool
-Little Baggy

Curse Room Pool
-Empty Vessel
-Black Powder
-Ouija Board

Key Master Pool
-Forever Alone
-Latch Key
-Obsessed Fan

To install just drop the .xml into your resources folder


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Excuse me but can you please make brimstone a demon beggar item? great mod btw.
God damnit, I clicked on this because I thought you added swimming to the game. 10/10 for clickbait. (Someone should rly add swimming tho.)
nice pools, although i wouldn't mind too much if the boss rush pool was just filled with good items (d6, brimstone, deaths touch, mom's knife, libra, proptosis, cricket's head, cricket's body, chocolate milk, holy mantle, tammy's head, inner eye, 20/20, mutant spider, tech X, godhead, polyphemus, pyromaniac, sacred heart, epic and dr. fetus, ipecac, flight items, incubus, magic mushroom, mind, body, soul, monstro's lung, sad onion, wafer, crown of light, eden's blessing, lusty blood, seraphim, sack head, rune bag, and stopwatch. thanks for reading, and great mod
You made me exhale out my nose with those screenshots.

Well played OP.
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