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Boring diamond tears made (slightly) better
Created 8 years ago
I was really disappointed when I saw those ugly diamond tears. Or whatever they are.

But now with this mod , they look somewhat better !

Installation instructions are in the file !


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(Hey Lalmirch, time for me to comment on your mod.) They are pure blue for a reason. Making them not pure blue is not "better". Misleading title, you are sentenced to oblivion.
i just wanna keep them for the money
Can You add some screenshots with comparison?
I tkink Your mod make these tears better but i don't remember how exactly original tears look.
Oh, and I have to say - good job, this is really nice mod
Thanks, the original ones were just plain blue. No shading no lighting what so ever.
So good luck with making anothers mods ;)
It's pretty nice to get away from the straight blue and have some extra detail. Can't wait to see the color synergies! Edit: I got it in a run with Lilith! The green tears are normally orange, kinda like the Parasite does. And the black tears were blood clot tears. Of course since it was Lilith, the blood clot tears come out based on your luck stat. Anyways here's the image!
Glad you liked it! I actually didn't know that diamond tears' colors mix with other tear effect, I thought that it overrides all much like Continuum.
Yeah. The Diamond tears do indeed change color.
It's been a while since I've done a mod, good to be back and see all the positive comments thanks!
top kek. Commenting on my own mod because swag
These are great! It's one of my favorite items in the game, so it's nice to see it get some special treatment.
That's exactly what I thought when I made this!
No tear in this game has a spinning animation. So, no.
Those do spin because they're sprited like that. They don't have a "spinning" animation.
Well they certainly look like they're spinning in-game. Isn't that enough to call them animated? I suppose you could just sprite the diamonds to look like they're spinning too then.
I think you should take a look at the sprite sheets or this isn't going anywhere. The "animation" we speak of here are actually codes , not sprites or anything (.anm2 files). Both diamond and coin tear animation codes do the same thing. They chose a region from the sprite sheet and show it on screen.

In diamond tear's case , the sprite sheet only holds a few regions and those are for different sizes. Each sized tear has it's own region.

However in coin tear's case , tear's size is handled by scaling but not with region selecting. What regions coin tear sprite sheet has is for it's spinning. Each region has a different angle of the spinning. So when they code the animation file of it to chose a region , chose the next region and repeat , it results in a spinning motion.

Take a look the sprite sheet included in this mod so you can understand better.
Never actually got the item, but this seems good
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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