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Markiplier Mod
Replaces Isaac with Markiplier - or Wilford Warfstache
Created 5 years ago
This mod replaces Isaac with Markiplier or alternatively his alter ego Wilford Warfstache. Just skins, no gameplay changes.

Works with Afterbirth.


Extract the downloaded .zip file. Choose which character version you want to install, and open the according folder. Put the included "gfx" folder into Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources.

If you already have other mods installed, making a backup of your existing mods is recommended.


This mod is not compatible with other mods that change the following:

- any character sprites for Isaac
- "costume_000_blank.png" and its colored versions
- "n015_blank.anm2"
- "charactermenu.png"
- "death portraits.png"
- "players.xml"

However, you can make skins for other characters work by merging the mods' players.xml as well as the listed UI graphics into a single file each. Let me know if you need help.


- Hair and UI graphics made by me (ChiraChan)
- Mustache and related UI graphics made by Breadington


x 26

- Added blue hair option

- Added darker pink hair option w/o mustache

- Moved hair to one serperate file

- > Reduced overall file size

- > Improved compatibility with other mods and characters

- > Improved maintainability

- Mini-boss fights now announce the name of the custom character instead of "Isaac"

- Side views of hair are no longer identical

- Fixed minor bugs

- Added Wilford Warfstache! The download includes both versions, you can choose which one to install. Credits and special thanks to Breadington for the mustache!

- Fixed some sprites

can you make an extra version that has blue hair and mustache?
Sorry, aside from important fixes all updates and changes are on hold for now, since I don't have enough time to work on this. I'll keep it in mind tho.
Are you able to make a version that replaces Eden, mainly so it shuffles the hair style on each playthrough?
I wanted to, but it won't happen anytime soon since I don't have much spare time. (However if anyone else wants to make sprites for more hairstyles, I'd be glad to add them )
(Sorry for the late reply-)

I thought about it again, and kinda changed my mind, sorry. Even if someone else creates all the character sprites, putting them together, testing and updating the mod screenshots and descriptions take time which I don't have at the moment.
Aside from bugfixing all current update plans are on hold until I have more time.
There we go, finally updated it with blue hair! At the same time also pretty much revampted and improved everything.
I haven't been able to test this version extremely thoroughly, so please let me know if you find any issues.
may i ask a request? Can you add me on steam
(name Flaps and has a pyro from tf2 with pink hairs and a festive hat)
and make this model in lost with blue hairs(aka and warfstache)?
i would love to see this
Not really sure what you mean with "in lost with blue hair", but if you mean I should update this so it has Mark's blue hair, I might do that when I find time to.
sry i meant the character the lost
what program did you use to make this!?
I used Paint Tool Sai. For changing the hair color to the warfstache version I used Photoshop cause it was quicker. You can just use any program for something like this anyway though.
You should update it to make the hair blue
is there any way you could change the sprite's sounds? like when you take damage and replace them with appropriate markiplier sounds? haha that would be perfect!
I don't have the knowledge or tools to make a sound mod, but if someone else makes one I'll link it here.
If the sound files were changed, it would change the sound for every character. You'd probably have to wait until Afterbirth+
its cool dude someone did one a little while back replacing character sounds with markiplier sounds, its epic xD
Mark has blue hair now rip
(Maybe I should make the Eden update at some point if I can find time to..)
Love it! Im a big fan of markipliwer so i will always be using this
nice job with the mod, might be nice to add some markiplier sounds when he gets hit, and for other stuff too
I'll leave sounds up to other people, if anyone wants this one + sounds they can just install them both.
ohhh god dangit i just posted a markiplier mod...... team up?
Oh, well good thing you made the mustache and not the hair as well. I don't see a problem with keeping them serperate, but if you want we could also merge them so I add your mustache to mine as an optional version.

Btw you included all of the afterbirth graphic files in your download, which makes the file size huge. You just need to put the files you edited, not all of the existing ones.
ok that sounds cool im up for a merge, im just pretty new to modding
Alright, cool. I can edit Isaac's character sprites, but to make it work really well the mustache would need to be put on the item files as well, otherwise it would disappear when one of the items is picked up. Adding it to the char selection, stage and boss fight image would be a plus, too.

I don't have time to edit them all, but if you're up for that it would be great if you can edit the extra files, just download my files and add the mustache to all of them and let me know when you're done. If it's too much work I'll just add the mustache as-is and that's fine, too.
quick question what program do you use to edit the images?
I use Paint Tool Sai (have it for drawing usually), but you can for example use Gimp as a good free software.
Also I'm surprised this didn't get sealed sooner (don't worry, I sealed it, it's good now)
the sprites look really cute, good job. : D
Just saying here, But i wold probably replace Eden with Markiplier (Cause he can be random at times) and maybe have some alternate hairstyles, But aside from that, Great work.
Thanks! Yeah Eden could work if you can think of that many hairstyles for him. I don't have time to make this work for more characters but if anyone else feels like doing it that'd be great.
For the hair styles, you could have some with different Mustaches!

Also, you should send this to him and see if he uses it in his Afterbirth playthrough.
I tried sending it to him via Twitter, no response but I guess he can't possibly read every single tweet that's sent to him.
Also posted it on the Markiplier subreddit and on Tumblr hoping he would maybe see it there.
Any other ideas how to send it to him?
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