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Better starting items!
New starting items (Afterbirth Compatible)
Created 7 years ago
New, more appropriate, starting items for characters!
Isaac: Isaacs head,There's options,More Options
Maggy: Celtic Cross,Guardian Angel,Mom's Lipstick, Rosary,Sworn Protector,Maggy's Faith
Cain: Abel,Cains other Eye,20/20,Mystery Sack,Rune Bag,Lil Chest
Judas: Judas' Tongue,Goat Head,Polyphemus,Ceremonial Robes,Soy Milk,Proptosis,Death's Touch,My Shadow,Screw,Torn Photo,Toothpicks,Judas' Shadow
Blue Baby: Fate,???'s Only Friend,Forever Alone,Hive Mind,The Relic,Fate's Reward
Eve: Eve's Mascara, Demon Baby,Empty Vessel
Samson: Blood of the Martyr,Blood Rights,Samson's Lock,Lusty Blood
Azazel: Brimstone,Dark Bum,The Pact,Pentagram,The Mark,Black Powder
Lazarus: Suicide King (I'm sorry nothing fits him)
Eden: No Changes
Lilith: More familiars, BFF, Succubus, Car Battery
Keeper: Head of the Keeper, Money=Power
The Lost: The Mind, The Soul, Godhead, Dead Cat
This is a WIP, So keep that in mind. Give me feedback on what i should add/ do next!
Second version will be made for people without some items unlocked, and a third version will be made for Rebirth users without the DLC.


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- Made Judas less OP

I know this is an old mod, but I think you should add some pill related items to Lazarus, since he normally starts off with a pill. Something like P.H.D. or pill baggy or whatever it's called.
Lazarus's Rags would be good for lazarus
These were my first mods when all i knew how to do was edit the player file
i'd like to suggest something for the lost, adding holy mantle, since, you know, its a one off save from everything
That's unlockable in afterbirth so if i put it in it would mess the game up for the people that had it unlocked. I will make a second file for those without items unlocked soon.
Take the file, extract it, and put in your BOI Rebirth resources folder. Type this into the Windows Explorer search: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources. Put it in there.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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