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Everyone has a plumbus.
Created 2 years ago
This mod replaces the butter bean with a plumbus. It does not buff the butter bean in any way other than aesthetic. I hope you enjoy this lovingly hand-crafted sprite and accompanying item description.

items.xml and death items.png are probably going to have compatibility problems with most similar mods, so skip those if you must (you'll just have the texture reskin).

Perhaps other, non-canonical Plumbus variants could be made for the other bean items?


x 17

- Added collection menu icon (death items.png)

i have no idea what a plumbus google...i fell im going to regret this
well... i dont know what it is, but i sure as hell know how to make one
It's Something from the Adult Swim TV show "Rick and Morty"
it was implied that i figured that out, hence the reference to the episode. eh, oh well
Hey look at that, Morty, A plumbus!
I always wondered how plumbuses were made.
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