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Pure Classic Music Mod
Brings back music from the original Binding of Isaac.
Created 2 years ago
This mod only contains music from the original Binding of Isaac. The floors from Afterbirth now use the music from their counterparts (read the readme if don't want this). If you want new music for these floors then check out my Kinda Classic Music Mod. It adds music from other sources, such as The Binding of Isaac: Community Remix.

The music in this mod comes directly from the official soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, the game itself and nothing else.

* Danny Baranowsky - Soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac


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- Added an optional music.xml that does not replace Afterbirth's music. Now you can have the old music on the old floors and the new music from Afterbirth on the new floors. Request fulfilled.

- Updated to Afterbirth!

- Afterbirth floors use music from normal floors.

- Check out my Kinda Classic Music Mod if you want new music for these floors!

Is this compatible with rebirth only? Since it's not working for me :/
I've tried several times to install this mod for mac. I am extracting the music, sfx, and music.xml files into my resources folder:

Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/The Binding of Isaac

However, it is not working. I have tried to put the data into every other subfolder and nothing works.

Is there a different installation for afterbirth or is this not compatible with the mac version of the game.

I just want to say, I've used this mod and it definitely worked before.

thanks in advance for any help.
How do I unpack the xml file????
This mod isn't working for me
"You can't beat the classics." That's the quote I always lived by when playing games.
Don't think it works anymore. At least not on Afterbirth+
I extracted everything into Antibirth/Resources, but it isn't working. When I have it set to Antibirth music, the Antibirth music plays, and then I set it to Rebirth and nothing plays at all. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?
Oh, never mind. I just realized that it requires afterbirth
i start play isaac when edmund release the TBOI origial, this mod is FULL nostalgy :')
cant get it to work, i've seen conflicting things about it working and not working with afterbirth+, i'm running afterbirth+, nothing i do seems to work i have tried everything how i have been directed in the comment and in steam community, nothing has worked... help??
Is the Rebirth version of this mod compatible with Antibirth? If it isn't, does anyone know how to edit Antibirth's files to use the WOTL soundtrack in place of the Rebirth music?
Yes and no. You can put it into the antibirth folder and it'll work just fine, but not without issues, like antibirth music having trouble loading and certain rooms (Planetariums) losing their music when using Original. It works, but it has some glaring issues that I or someone else should look into fixing.
Does anyone know if this mod is compatible with afterbirth+?
Все содержимое нужно поместить в папку ресурсы
I have a strange problem : when I'm in a room filled with monsters, there is the new eletric guitar theme while there is the original music in the back... odd.
Also, is that normal that the burning basement and else keep their music ? So this pack may not be used during greed mode ?
I love the music from the original game so this is amazing
Can someone please fix the readme. It says to put the relevant files in the game folder, but it should go in the resources folder instead. It's annoying trying to figure it out
Does not seem to work for AB+ any longer, even after re-installing and following the README.TXT instructions. Perhaps something in the background changed?
You're welcome.
it worked for 2 days but they just now patched this too
I have the same problem. I uninstalled Afterbirth+ (Because... you know... it's AWFUL.) But now the classic music mod no longer works. And the resource extractor is no longer there. Am I screwed?
I figured it out just run the resource extractor, be sure to rename the packed file (i named mine packed +) and install your mod, you will have to replace the existing music file and music.xml with the mods music file and the mods music.xml, one more important thing is to go into the games original music folder, take the afterbirth file out and put it into the mods music file so you will have new afterbirth content otherwise when you get burning basement ect you wont have music . Hope this helped because the original soundtrack is boss.
could you try explaining this again with some more punctuation and clearer wording lol ;)
I had no problem understanding it though? XD
Awesome music.... fits well with rebirth/afterbirth
January 20, 2017 - 5 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.