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Greed Mode Donation Machine Farm
this mod allows you to fill up the greed Donation Machine in 1h
Created 1 year ago

This mod allows you to fill up the Greed Donation machine to 999+1 coins in less than an hour to get the keeper and other achievements .

NOTICE: This mod only affects the basement floor of the greedmode.

This mod spawns the Donation machine + a dollar in the basement of greedmode and allows you to donate instantly with every character.

How to install

Read the Readme.txt or read here: Installation

What to do when the machine is crashing

simply try to change between all characters while using this mod. this will reset the probability of jamming.

if you cant fill the machine over the value of "109" you are using an out of date installation of isaac. please update the game


x 1448

- fixed install instructions for x64 windows.

- Added Readme file

- Added Readme file

- Moved the machine and the dollar closer to the spawnpoint

- Now spawns the greed donation maschine + a dollar in the basement :) (thanks @ /u/williamwiggles for the suggestion)

- removed overpowered maggy

Looking at this when I farmed for 5+ hours legit -_- I'm disappointed
Change characters often! i used isaac heaps at the start and the machine jammed after 2-3 coins, then i changed to magdalene and i put in the whole 99c!! Love this mod btw thanks
I've been lazy to put the last 14 coins :v
How do I import the achievements on my afterbirth+ state or isn't that possible cause I dunno how to do that
Everything is good but i haven t god a razor for Evve
you have to unlock the Razor itself for eve as well. Unlock condition is : Defeat Satan as Eve
I'm at 900coins... or i would be if the fkn thing would stop jamming after 20 coins every other time... thanks for "fixing" this obviously broken mechanic
thx! tried using cheat engine but didn't know the machine could jam, since it was my first greed run (wanted to unlock lilith)
i succeeded in my original quest, but couldn't fill up the machine fullly to get keeper (the last character to unlock). this really helps!
aww m8, this deserves an oscar, no wait. 10!
i can finally unlock keeper without having to put effort in the game
So If I were to uninstall afterbirth+, fill up the greed machine and then re-install afterbirth+, would there be anyway to keep the perks of having the greed machine filled up?
as far as i can tell the game would give u those perks after entering a penny as this will force the game to do a check to see if you have what ur supposed to have.
It does work in ab+, you just have to manually port it.
Мод нормальный но там мало денег а так норм
hey guys, i've got a question . does this mode works with afterbirth+ and how to install this mode on MacOS?
January 20, 2017 - 3 months ago

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