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Afterbirth Custom Challenge Launcher
Make your own challenge runs!
Created 3 years ago
This is my custom challenge launcher for Afterbirth.
You can create your own challenge runs and share them with friends.


-Customize starting HP and consumables
-Choose starting trinket and card/pill/rune
-Choose starting items
-Enemy and boss health multiplicator
-Simple item pool editor
-Load/save challenge runs and share them through codes or files
-Random run generator

The item pool editor is a very simple tool which let's you change/combine item pools. For example you could make treasure rooms contain angel room items instead of treasure room items or you could make shops sell devil items AND shop items.

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions feel free to post them and they might be fixed/included in the next version. Also I'm not a native english speaker, so if you find any GUI text which is bad english feel free to correct me.


Just download the binary and start the .exe file. The tool should automatically detect your rebirth folder. If it doesn't it will prompt you to enter the root path of your Binding of Isaac - Rebirth installation.

Modify anything you want and hit the "Play" Button to start the run.

Using this tool may override following files. So it may collide with other mods which are using the same files:



x 1245

- Added "Blindfolded" option

- Added "Deep Pockets" item

- Fixed bug where modifying itempools lead to an error message on starting the game.

- Added new items/trinkets and character unlocked by the ARG

- Minor bug fixes

- Randomized runs now randomly add items to the ban list

- Improved UI

- More "Random" buttons

- Ban items

- Choose a character for your challenge!

tbh you're probably either using afterbirth+ or rebirth, think this needs afterbirth but not afterbirth+.
This used to be very fun, now it won't load any of the challenges. I assume it is because this mod hasn't been updated since 2015?
Why can't I set a spacebar item?
I tried giving myself Blank card, but that failed.
I was left with an empty space.
Active items like any of the books, razor blade, etc. don't appear. Everything else works fine but it's kind of a bummer I can't do stuff like razor blade / Isaac's heart
so i cant really start up the challenge so like ill go into the custom challenge of my own but then it wont show up when i start the game? anybody who knows how to fix this heres my discord

it keeps crashing for me is it because i dont own afterbirth i own rebirth
only opens binding of isaac and does NOT run my challenge. plz reply if theres an answer for this
no because it is for regular afterbirth, not plus
Your comment contains too many emoticon
mine doesn't work. Why does it keep crashing
How do you get the challenge off if you want to play normally again? And I don't know if reverting will mess up my save files or not.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.