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Ingame Graphics Character Menu (DLC)
New Afterbirth version!
Created 2 years ago
This changes how the character select screen and the daily run menu look.
The mod is also available for the base game without Afterbirth:
Click me

New features:
-New starting items
-Daily Run character texture

How to install

Click here for an improved Afterbirth+ Version of the mod made by Giraffe³


x 142

- Fixed that the Keepers name wasn't there

- Changed the Keeper sprites

- Retextured the daily run character menu info

you can update it for afterbirth plus?
There is actually a very similar mod for afterbirth+ already, called Better Character Menu! You can get it from the steam workshop
oh, tank you (i know i wrote tank, it sounds cool)
Really love this mod, been using it ever since Afterbirth released.
So I spent some time mixing this mod with the CHUD mod just the character menu I was wondering if I can share the png with people?
You forgot to put "Keeper" name in charactermenu file.
I don't really know why I like this so much but I love how clean it looks, nice work
Oh shoot I totally forgot to update for the keeper! It'll be done today!
is there gonna be a update soon for the new char?
This is fantastic!! It's similar to that CHUD mod; but I think the CHUD one overdoes it with too many different crazy colours for everything. This is a great compromise. I do understand Edmund's design choice for them being uncoloured (& honestly if making the game myself I'd have done the same) but this is a nice touch at the same time.

Anyway, tl;dr thank you!
oh sorry i fixed this, i need just update unpacker.
I don't have afterbirth unpacked resources can you help me?
Just unzip the .zip file from the download and put the gfx folder which then appears here: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/
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