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The Binding of Neptune: Cutscenes
Cutscenes that are way to big to add to this site sadly
Created 4 years ago
*NOTE* thx to the upload size limit. the full mod will be splitted.

*NOTE again* the cutscenes aint fully done, only 4 endings have been remade as am trying to rewrite the endings to fitt with the progression.

*NOTE for the third time* this is for the Rebirth version and not for the afterbirth expansion. i will be uploading a seperated mod that will focus on afterbirth whenever they stop adding more and more stuff so i can finish that version. will update this version whenever afterbirth version is done so dont worry ;)

The Binding of Neptune: Re;Birth is a mod that going to change most of the game to the franchise hyperdimension neptunia.
What�will be in the mod is: all characters are a character from the hyperdimension franchise, the bosses i can change will be something that is from Another game or a enemy from the serie, all Music will be new.

Showcase Video here:

what's done?
Character posters in character selection
Isaac is Neptune *Will have hair later on*
The title
Almost all Music is changed to something from the hyperdimension games.
Few bosses are changed.
Some new endings replacing the old ones.
a new Health system, you got now a Health bar instead of hearts.

What will be done in full version?
all Music is replaced.
all characters have ingame sprites.
bosses i want to change will be changed.
all endings replaced with new ones.

The cutscene folder alone is over 600mb big so getting it uploaded wont work so they will be uploaded on a seperated site for anyone that want my custom endings made in sfm.


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This mod contains:
This is the weirdest thing I've seen and I'm not sure if I want to be involved
Could you possibly add a video somewhere?
You know how to change the cutscenes and I see you are using my szf_isaac map. Then I have a mod idea for you: 3D cutscenes!
hehehe, this was going to be a personal mod for only me and my friends but i wanted to share with everyone and thx for the Amazing map btw.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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