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The Binding of Neptune: Re;Birth Rebirth
HyperDimension Mod For The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
Created 3 years ago
*NOTE* thx to the upload size limit. the full mod will be splitted.
*NOTE* this is for the Rebirth version and not for the afterbirth expansion. i will be uploading a seperated mod that will focus on afterbirth whenever they stop adding more and more stuff so i can finish that version. will update this version whenever afterbirth version is done so dont worry ;)

The Binding of Neptune: Re;Birth is a mod that going to change most of the game to the franchise hyperdimension neptunia.
What�will be in the mod is: all characters are a character from the hyperdimension franchise, the bosses i can change will be something that is from Another game or a enemy from the serie, all Music will be new.

Showcase Video here:

what's done?
Character posters in character selection
Isaac is Neptune *Will had hair later on*
The title
Almost all Music is changed to something from the hyperdimension games.
Few bosses are changed.
Some new endings replacing the old ones.
a new Health system, you got now a Health bar instead of hearts.

What will be done in full version?
all Music is replaced.
all characters have ingame sprites.
bosses i want to change will be changed.
all endings replaced with new ones.

Credits goes to Laura-Moon97 for the title.

The rest of the sprite Changes are made by me other than character selection ofcourse and all Music goes to Idea Factory and Compile Heart.


x 12

- Added Music into the package and updated some few things and added custom challenges.

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Enemies & Bosses
HUD & Menus
General Gameplay
New Enemies
Noice mod, didn't expect a mod about Nep would be in the Binding of Isaac.
I was going to make this but I guess I was beaten to the point oh well its a great mod
also mind if I help with a few in-game sprites
you are welcome to help making sprites for items/enemies.
You're doing the endings?
You're corageous , Boy... You're corageous.
Omg i can't wait for later versions
June 5, 2018 - 9 months ago

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