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Greed Skin
Play as the all loved greed
Created 3 years ago

right before afterbirth you will get the chance to play as the all mighty Greed! Get ready for Greed mode

This mod reskins Isaac as Greed. This includes all transitions, the chracterselection-screen and the deathscreen.


x 18

- Added Screentransition for greed

- added characterselectionscreen image for greed

- added Deathscreen info for greed

Thanks alot my fav character is greed i love this
Hey, does there is a way to make Greed replace Kepeer's Sprites ?
agh I've spent hours and hours on my own home made greed reskin. Too bad I wasn't the first one. Oh well, yours looks great anyway. +1 heart for you
You took the texture of Sins Mod !!!
no? i took the texture from the mini boss "greed". coincidentally that is the same source of the sins mod, which got its textures from the minibosses.
greed vs greed........greed wins!!!!!!
you should update this for afterbirth and make it the keeper instead
Looks cool,I think it was good for the Keeper..
Only a reskin,but it's cool .Maybe he can start with The Inner Eye and something that makes him shoot blood,so it's like the miniboss?
can you make it so greed starts with the head of the keeper?
* _ *
Hey there! I'm working on a 'Keeper as Greed' mod for Afterbirth. Is it ok if I use your sprites? I will give credit.
more of what ? there is only one greed XD
Nice. Just an idea, maybe you could make him start with Toothpicks and the Inner Eye, to replicate the mini-boss. It would take a bit of work, but I think that it could enhance the experience.
Could this also be called Greed Mode? DDDDD
Question, could you possibly replace Cain with greed instead of Isaac? It suits him a lot more :P
Mind if use this mod to make a specialized character mod?
May 14, 2018 - 13 days ago

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