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GrumblePig Isaac Reskin
Reskin of Isaac used by Twitch streamer GrumblePig
Created 4 years ago
A reskin I made a while back for the Twitch streamer GrumblePig. It reskins Isaac, and does nothing else. It's also my first mod, so, yey!

GrumblePig's Twitch:

GrumblePig's Website:


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This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Please help me i can't get it to work
I will be honest I don't like it to much and part of the reason I am typing this is cause I am looking for some coins but either way I am going to use this as a template of sorts to make a mod myself the mod will be a reskin of isaac as this mod also is I am just using the files not the skin itself not sure if I should even be saying this BUT TUF LIF MOFO
buggy when picking up, using spacebar item, and getting hurt i think.
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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