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Caledscratch + Grimdark(Homestuck items)
Let the broodfesters overwhelm you, or drop it like it's hot!
Created 4 years ago
It's not a whole lot, but this'll change Mom's Knife and Whore of Babylon into Dave Strider's signature weapon (Caledscratch), and Rose Lalonde's Grimdarkness itself.

Install notes:

BEFORE INSTALLING: Download and install this first

1) Download and extract
2) The folder will contain "Caledscratch" and "Grimdark". Select the mods you want and copy the "resource" folder in each in "Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" 's install folder (there should already be a "resource" folder there. Just merge them)
3) There should also be an "items.xml" in the folder. If you've installed both of them, copy this into your game's "resource" folder as well (ignore if you only chose one)

Et voila! Enjoy the mod(s)!


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This mod contains:
Items & Trinkets
i cant get the mod working because the link (
says that the page is not found, please help me
I like how grimdark rose looks in the image.
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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