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Layer to Main (Afterbirth)
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Created 3 years ago
Swaps the layers with the Main tracks, and vise versa, meaning that the layer will play for the rest of the floor, while the main theme adds intensity when your in a room with at least 6 enemies.

Now compatible with Afterbirth


x 23

- Added new tracks for Afterbirth (with the exception of one)

Properly updated it, because The new one I posted wouldn't get the seal of approval...
Time to do a version for Afterbirth!,and a version without the Layers don't you think?
Depths sounds so much better than the actual song. GG.
Simple, yet effective! Great job!!
Could you be a little more descriptive with the description?
Thank you! This is my first mod i did alone, so i'm glad for positive feed back on my first Mod!
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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