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Homestuck Mod (Part 2)
Replaces the entire soundtrack with songs from Homestuck
Created 4 years ago
This mod is broken down into two parts.
1: Homestuck Characters
2: Homestuck Music

As a whole, this mod adds seven characters from Homestuck (John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Dirk and Jake) and also replaces the entire game soundtrack with songs from the webcomic (Song list can be found in the music folder)

Part 1:


x 75

- Decreased file size

- Decreased file size

i would love to see Caliborn in this.
If this ever gets an afterbirth update, maybe you can put "Oppa Toby Style" as the hush battle?
Yes this the best all it needs is a afterbirth update
PERFECT. This is exactly what I needed to go with the GBA style reskin mod. ( Thanks a lot.
its not working whit me somehow... tough im using rebirth and still evrything is good, the only thing is that the music dosen't play :/
please update both mods for afterbirth
so this is just the sound track right also dose it work on afterbirth and dose it inclued megalovania
Is This Compatable With Other Mods? Please Put The Awenser Down Below!
I can't seem to get the music working.
The mods not Afterbirth compatible unfortunately. If this mod isn't working with rebirth then the problem might be your computer compatibility.
hey i realy love homestuck but i have afterbirth so please can you try to make the mod afterbirth compatible please thanks
It's probably not going to happen, so don't hold your breath. If you really want to you can uninstall afterbirth and then re-install it whenever you no longer want to play the mod.
Quick Question, would I be able to use part two of the mod without part one? I personally wouldn't use the characters but would love the music. Great job btw
Definitely. That's actually why I made it in two parts in the first place.
Alright! Thanks for the reply, and Thanks for the great mod!
For some reason. This fits inside the game pretty well.
I think this mod works very well with the game. You did a good job with this.
Thanks. I just picked songs that I thought had a similar feel.
I was somewhat bias towards certain battle themes just because I liked them so much but most of the floor themes were pretty much purely based on their mood.
So the dev called me to ask you a question:
"Could I use this soundpack in this mod?"
PS: Don't worry he'll add your name into the credits ;)
I would allow that if I felt like that mod had any relation with this music (which it doesn't) so I'm going to have to say no unfortunately.
i think that Megalovania should be used somewhere in this mod
I personally love MeGaLoVania! It's one of my favorite homestuck songs actually. I tried using it but I just didn't feel like it fit that well anywhere :/
you should use it for the hush if you update it!
maybe as the boss theme, or just satan, he instantly came to mind when using that song in this game.
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

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