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Eternal Challenge Room
This Mod Adds an Eternal Version of The Challenge Room
Created 1 month ago
This mod adds the Eternal Challenge Room, it haves a small chance to replace the normal/boss challenge room and can only be found once per run

To play with this mod you need either Complete Eternal Edition+, or a combination of BOTH Bosses Eternal Edition+ and Monsters Eternal Edition+

Incompatible wih mods that changes the challenge room and the ambush.xml file

The Eternal Challenge Room:
• The room haves an item from the Angel pool, upon pickup, 2 random hearts will spawn and waves containing ONLY Eternal Enemies and Bosses will begin
• The waves are a mix of monsters and bosses, on later floors, more bosses will appear rather than monsters
• To prevent the player from escaping, once the waves start, pills and cards will be lost, active items will stay at 0 charge until the waves are clear, the following items will be removed: Ventricle Razor, Forget me Now, Broken Remote, Cursed Skull and Cursed Eye


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cool mod i hope you make a version with every eternal edition mods in one
well, the complete eternal edition mod is already the mod with all the changes from the eternal mods, except the eternal arena, because the eternal arena mod needs that you don't use an changed ambush.xml file, that's why I don't mixed eternal arena with complete eternal edition
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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