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Complete Eternal Edition+
This Mod Adds Eternal Monsters and Bosses From Eternal Edition
Created 1 month ago
yeah, yeah, I know that I already uploaded this mod here, but I made a lot of updates on the mod, so, the mod is now much better, so, let's go to the mod:

This mod adds new Eternal variants for all bosses and (almost) all enemies, with new mechanics to make the game more difficult like the classic flash version

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Harder Bosses
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Bosses Eternal Edition+
Monsters Eternal Edition+

You can disable the changes below that you don't like, just go to the mod location, go in the file called "ConfigBadEffects" and change the "true" to "false", keep "true" to active that function, or change to "false" to disable that function, and don't use the " in the function

• New Eternal Transformation! Got after picking 10 eternal hearts, gives flight and 1.5 DMG up
• D6 now haves 3 charges, with a chance to delete the item instead of rerolling
• Damage Limit, depending of your damage, the future damage items will give to you a little less damage or much less damage
• you can't take a two heart pact if you have only one red container
• Guppy's Paw now gives only 2 soul hearts
• Converter now requires 3 soul hearts or black hearts (before was 2) to gain a heart container
• Little Chad and The Relic gives hearts less often
• Normal enemies now have the same shot speed of flash version
• Mom's Knife, Brimstone and sacrificial dagger got a nerf on the damage
• Touching a bomb pickup have a chance to transform it into a troll bomb (frustrating, I know)
• you can get Black Hearts only with satanic bible, super secret rooms and items that give to you directly black hearts
• If you try to take holy mantle in the treasure room, you will have a little surprise...


x 3

- fixed a bug that was making eternal delirium return to full health randomly

- changed one of the attacks from eternal mega satan

- some bug fixed, changes how some enemies work

- changed how damage limit works

- eternal gemini, steven and blighted ovum are now harder

- changed more stuff on enemies and bosses

- removed a file

June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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