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Bosses Eternal Edition+
This Mod Adds Eternal Bosses From Eternal Edition
Created 1 month ago
yeah, yeah, I know that I already uploaded this mod here, but I made a lot of updates on the mod, so, the mod is now much better, so, let's go to the mod:

This mod adds a new Eternal variant for all bosses in game, including all final bosses. Eternal bosses are tougher and haves new mechanics, including health regeneration and often drops an eternal heart.

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x 2

- fixed a bug that was making eternal delirium return to full health randomly

- changed one of the attacks from eternal mega satan

- some bug fixed, changes how some enemies work

- eternal gemini, steven and blighted ovum are now harder

- changed more stuff on bosses

- removed a file

June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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