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Eevee is a new adorable character with 3 available eeveelutions!
Created 1 month ago

It's Eevee!

Isaac's Mom is closing in as he finds a trapdoor to the Basement, hidden under his rug. Too terrified to risk surviving the fall or breaking his precious legs, he sends his trusty Pokémon, Eevee, down to kill Mom for him.

(If you decide to make a video on my mod, I kindly ask that you leave a link to the mod in the description. Thanks!)


  • A New Character: Eevee!
  • Eevee's Speed is naturally higher, and they make use of their signature move: Swift! It isn't perfect though, as it doesn't have it's 100% chance to hit. Do the aiming yourself!
  • Damage is doubled but tears are halved.
  • Eevee has the special ability to evolve based on their surroundings, so picking up stones with magical energy imbued inside is just enough to drastically change his entire body and abilities. Find them at your local shop or in a secret cave!

Fire Stone - Flareon

  • Flareon is a fiery evolution of Eevee with damaging capabilities.
  • Gain 1 Full Red Heart
  • Your Fireball burns anything it touches. Unlike Fire Mind, it doesn't explode in your face and the burn lasts much longer.
  • You also have a 20% chance for your Fireballs to leave behind a heated fire!

Water Stone - Vaporeon

  • Vaporeon is an aquatic evoltuion of Eevee with more defensive approaches.
  • Unlike the other evolutions that have you gain you 1 full red heart, you gain 2!
  • Your Bubble attack leaves behind a small damaging puddle of water.
  • Your Bubbles have a 10% chance to contain extra water, splashing into a much bigger puddle of water that deals more damage!

Thunder Stone - Jolteon

  • Jolteon is an electrifying evolution of Eevee with a fast-based set.
  • Aside from a Health up, your Speed and Tears go up, but your Damage goes down!
  • You decided Swift is too slow so you use your own electrified needles to dish out quick damage.
  • Your needles [strike] are just a Jacob's Ladder effect [/strike] send electricity through multiple enemies, which is good for crowd control!

Planned Features:

  • Implementing the rest of the Eeveelutions
  • A unique death animation (it would probably just get rid of the Isaac ghost)
  • Adding unique costumes to Eevee and the Eeveelutions for any popular items (Brimstone, Monstro's Lung, Ludo, Tech 1 and 2, Godhead, etc)
  • True Co-Op Support, as the code is currently written to only detect 1 player.
  • A mysterious 9th Eeveelution unique to this mod!
  • Items that would have you gain each Eeveelutions' unique effects.

Currently Being Working On:

  • Implementing Espeon and Umbreon! I have an idea of what I want for their abilities and how to gain their evolutions, and have made great progress.
  • A method exclusive to the debug console to remove and add Eeveelutions (Methods to add as most Eeveelutions will not use simple items to evolve)
  • A 1/10 chance to become shiny upon the start of a new run (Done!)

Known Issues:

No known issues. If you find anything, report them in the bug report discussion below!

With all that out the way, thank you to everyone who has supported this mod! Credits are described in the main.lua. Please go ahead and leave ideas for Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon in the comments below!

This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop.


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June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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