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Jesus Christ, Why?!
Created 3 months ago
This mod adds in a new character known as GB.

His strength cannot be matched as only he can survive his own destruction.

He carries with him a multitude of items to ensure his win.

-- Collectibles --
Humbling Bundle
Mutant Spider (x8)
20/20 (x8)
Sad Bombs

-- Active --
Clicker: For when his destruction is at an end

Character Design based on Azazel


x 2

- - Removed Azazel character texture

- - Removed Eve's head texture

- - Updated character menu

- - Updated character default emotion

- Discuss this update in the discussions section.

this look pretty cool and is a very good idea for a tutorial character 10/10.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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