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Complete Eternal Edition+
this mod add eternal bosses and monsters from eternal edition
Created 7 months ago
This mod adds new Eternal variants for all bosses and (almost) all enemies, with new mechanics to make the game more difficult like the classic flash version

if you want only monsters eternal or bosses eternal, so, check here:
bosses eternal edition:
monsters eternal edition:

if you want the steam workshop version, link is here:

Harder Bosses
HardMode Major Boss Patterns

• New Eternal Transformation! Get it after getting 10 eternal hearts, gives flight and 1.5 DMG up (when you get the transformation and finishes the run or dies, reset the run 2 times to remove completely the effect of the transformation in a new run)
• D6 now haves 3 charges, with a chance to delete the item instead of rerolling
• you can't take a two heart pact if you have only one red container
• Guppy's Paw now gives only 2 soul hearts
• Converter now requires 3 soul hearts or black hearts (before was 2) to gain a heart container
• Little Chad and The Relic gives hearts less often
• Mom's Knife and Brimstone got a nerf on the damage
• Touching a bomb pickup have a chance to transform it into a troll bomb (frustrating, I know)
• you can get Black Hearts only with satanic bible, super secret rooms and items that give to you directly black hearts
• If you try to take holy mantle in the treasure room, you will have a little surprise...

I uploaded only now in moddingofisaac because I was making so many updates on the mod


x 11

- much things was changed and some bug fixes

- eternal leech and variants shoots less while they are not targeting the player

- more shot speed to champion famine, champion pestilence, champion mask of infamy

- eternal gish now has a little bit less range

- eternal blister is now more agressive

- more shot speed to peep (normal and eternal)

- eternal gurdy now spawn eternal boils

- fixed eternal satan not dropping eternal hearts when dies

- less HP to globins spawned by eternal war

- eternal masks (mask that protect the heart) now can fly, ignoring obstacles, to avoid being stuck

- eternal larry jr with one segment now uses the previous enemy that I used for him as base, because the new one was not working correctly

- more HP to much eternal monsters

- eternal dople and eternal evil twin don't appear in the middle of the room anymore

- eternal mulliboom now shoots better

- eternal peep eye now uses a white sprite

- eternal host and eternal mobile host now uses the normal attack with more frequency

- death's head now makes a spawn sound when he spawn lil haunt

- eternal death now works differently

- eternal gurdy jr now slides differently

- eternal larry jr and eternal hollow now uses another enemy as base when they have only one segment

- fixed some problems

- fixed a problem that was making the mod not work

- fixed eternal super sloth making loud sounds

- removed one phase of eternal super embryo

- chargers spawned by eternal stain and eternal chub now has less hp

- eternal super sloth is now a little harder

- eternal ??? now shoots with random speed in the third phase

- eternal widow and eternal wretched now do the attacks randomly

- bombs spawned by eternal wrath and eternal super wrath now deals less damage to they

- eternal wrath is now harder

- eternal wrath now has a higher hp regeneration

- fixed the shot speed of some enemies

- normal enemies now have the same shot speed of the flash version

- eternal dople and eternal evil twin now works differently

- fixed a problem that makes a two hearts devil deal still not being able to take if the player have 1 heart container and uses coupon

- less chance to found eternal super embryo

- eternal mask, eternal host and eternal mobile host now reflect tears

- fixed some minor things

- fixed more small problems

- added a little thing to eternal mask + heart (not the bosses)

- fixed eternal gurgle taking damage from another gurgles

- added a super eternal embryo that is very rare and dangerous

- added a eternal splasher

- eternal gurgle now always spawn a eternal splasher

- eternal gusher and eternal black globin body now have a better sprite

- normal enemies can't spawn eternal enemies anymore

- eternal it lives now have a better sprite

- eternal headless horseman is now a little smaller

- changed a little bit eternal famine

- changed eternal husk spawns

- a black champion for pin (this champion already exists without this mod, but he is disabled)

- eternal super gluttony don't shoot his brimstone in the mega satan fight anymore

- eternal super pride don't create projectiles in the mega satan fight anymore

- eternal ??? now spawn more flies

- fixed a graphical bug with eternal pestilence

- eternal larry jr and eternal hollow are now harder

- fixed a problem with normal daddy long legs and triachnid that makes sometimes their legs and arms disappear

- horsemen speed now works a little better

- all horsemen are now faster (normal and eternal)

- eternal isaac and ??? now shoots less

- fixed a small thing

When I download it, it doesn't open as a file.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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