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Bosses Eternal Edition+
this mod add eternal bosses from eternal edition
Created 7 months ago
This mod adds a new Eternal variant for all bosses in game, including all final bosses. Eternal bosses are tougher and haves new mechanics, including health regeneration and often drops an eternal heart.

also check for monsters eternal edition:

if you want the steam workshop version, link is here:

Harder Bosses
HardMode Major Boss Patterns

I uploaded only now in moddingofisaac because I was making so many updates on the mod


x 2

- much things was changed and some bug fixes

- eternal gish now has a little bit less range

- eternal gurdy now spawn eternal boils

- fixed eternal satan not dropping eternal hearts when dies

- less HP to globins spawned by eternal war

- eternal larry jr with one segment now uses the previous enemy that I used for him as base, because the new one was not working correctly

- Removed useless functions to be less laggy

- eternal peep eye now uses a white sprite

- eternal death now works differently

- eternal gurdy jr now slides differently

- eternal larry jr and eternal hollow now uses another enemy as base when they have only one segment

- fixed some problems

- fixed eternal super sloth making loud sounds

- chargers spawned by eternal stain and eternal chub now has less hp

- eternal super sloth is now a little harder

- eternal ??? now shoots with random speed in the third phase

- eternal widow and eternal wretched now do the attacks randomly

- bombs spawned by eternal wrath and eternal super wrath now deals less damage to they

- fixed a problem with eternal super greed and eternal greed spawns

- eternal wrath is now harder

- eternal wrath now has a higher hp regeneration

- fixed the shot speed of some enemies

- fixed some minor things

- fixed more small problems

- normal enemies can't spawn eternal enemies anymore

- eternal it lives now have a better sprite

- eternal headless horseman is now a little smaller

- changed a little bit eternal famine

- changed eternal husk spawns

- a black champion for pin (this champion already exists without this mod, but he is disabled)

- eternal super gluttony don't shoot his brimstone in the mega satan fight anymore

- eternal super pride don't create projectiles in the mega satan fight anymore

- eternal ??? now spawn more flies

- fixed a graphical bug with eternal pestilence

- eternal larry jr and eternal hollow are now harder

- fixed a problem with normal daddy long legs and triachnid that makes sometimes their legs and arms disappear

- horsemen speed now works a little better

- all horsemen are now faster (normal and eternal)

- eternal isaac and ??? now shoots less

- fixed a small thing

Either you copied this from the steam workshop version or your real. either way I use the steam workshop version and its the best mod. F I R S T
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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