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Monsters Eternal Edition+
this mod add eternal enemies from eternal edition
Created 7 months ago
This mod adds over 160 Eternal variants to enemies, almost every enemy in the game now haves a new Eternal variant, which are tougher and most of the time with new mechanics, also having a high chance of dropping a reward.

also check for bosses eternal edition:

if you want the steam workshop version, link is here:

I uploaded only now in moddingofisaac because I was making so many updates on the mod


x 1

- much things was changed and some bug fixes

- eternal leech and variants shoots less while they are not targeting the player

- eternal blister is now more agressive

- eternal masks (mask that protect the heart) now can fly, ignoring obstacles, to avoid being stuck

- more HP to much eternal monsters

- eternal dople and eternal evil twin don't appear in the middle of the room anymore

- eternal mulliboom now shoots better

- eternal host and eternal mobile host now uses the normal attack with more frequency

- death's head now makes a spawn sound when he spawn lil haunt

- fixed some problems

- removed one phase of eternal super embryo

- fixed the shot speed of some enemies

- eternal dople and eternal evil twin now works differently

- less chance to found eternal super embryo

- eternal mask, eternal host and eternal mobile host now reflect tears

- fixed some minor things

- fixed more small problems

- added a little thing to eternal mask + heart (not the bosses)

- fixed eternal gurgle taking damage from another gurgles

- added a super eternal embryo that is very rare and dangerous

- added a eternal splasher

- eternal gurgle now always spawn a eternal splasher

- eternal gusher and eternal black globin body now have a better sprite

- normal enemies can't spawn eternal enemies anymore

June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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