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Crab rave (Rebirth only)
Changes music for caves, depths and catocombs.
Created 9 months ago
Requested by FrenchyLilith


x 16
im just going to say this we need cock and ball torture for rebirth
does not work for me, unknown format
bruh i cant get it to work i think im a dummy dumb but i bet your mod is great
thank you and btw what's the problem? maybe i can help?
This is the best sound mod ever.
the binding of isaac is dead *crab rave*
it's rebirth only, as the title suggests
omg am i the only one who loves crab rave, god bless uuuuu
i cant be the only one who thinks Crab Rave is actually a great song
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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