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More Challenges:Eternal Edition
Add Even More Challenges To The Game!
Created 1 year ago
Tell Me, Have You Ever Mastered The Game...

Killed All Bosses...

Completed Each Challenge...

And Unlocked Godhead?

Well, If Yes, Then You Should Give This A Try!

If Not, You Can try If You Want Too, But I Think You Should Try Other Better Mods Around, ;)

This Mod Adds 14 Unique(Or Not) Challenges! Here You Will Find:

--Moms Knife ONLY Challenges.

--Peepy Experiences.

--An High Damage 9 Lives.

--And An Infection Compilation.

Steam Workshop Edition: Frequently)



x 8

- Fixed The Game Not Working

- Brand New Enemies!

- 4 New Challenges!

- 1 new Item...Yay?

- See Here What Changed On The New Year Edition:

- 5 New Challenges Were Added!

- Don't Forget To Like It If You Enjoyed!

- added new boss champion(only 2)

- Harder Versions Of R u a wizar and peepy

- You can be the bloat now.

- and secrets...

- So,Back To The Origins, The Halloween Special Challenges Are Over,But We Have:

- 4 New Challenges!

- Hello Guys, Are Ya Ready For The Spooks?

- New Stuff:

- 3 New Challenges

- 2 Limited-Time Challenges!

- Happy Halloween!

- Wow! 1.3 Already? Well, Here's The New Stuff:

- 5 New Challenges, We Don't Have Enough.

- Cute New Icon?! Wow! That's New!(Not Really)

- Epic's Out

- Update Time!

- Changelog:

- 3 New Challenges!

- Harder Versions Of:

- Infected

- The Hotdog

- And Greedy Fingers!

- New Icon, Like Always.

- 3 New Challenges!

- Secrets...

- The Not So Secret Bumbo Challenge...

Hmm....I Shall Look Out For The Bug,Thank You For Telling Me.
Ok,I Already Fixed It Now,Hope You Enjoy!
You watch hutts he is so gud "WHAT COUD GO WRONG?
Hutts must play one of this challenges! And i'm sorry, for my English
Actually, Your English Is Good, ANd Don't Think Hutts Senpai Is Gonna Notice Me.

Uhhh, You must believe in yourself! Senpai Hutts will Notice you, i now that! But, we must wait because, he is lazy ass, and it will take some time, to make another stream xD
First Download It, Then Extract It With 7zip/Winrar(I Use Winrar, So I Recommend It)Then Go Documents/Mygames/TheBindingOfIsaacAfterbirth+Mods And Paste The Folder There. Now You're Done, Enjoy!
Seriously? I Never Thought Somebody Would Like It, And I Only Made It For Fun. Lol
yeah. greedy figers are best i think. well done friend
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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