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More Challenges!
Add Even More Challenges To The Game!
Created 25 days ago
Tell Me, Have You Ever Mastered The Game...

Killed All Bosses...

Completed Each Challenge...

And Unlocked Godhead?

Well, If Yes, Then You Should Give This A Try!

If Not, You Can try If You Want Too, But I Think You Should Try Other Better Mods Around, ;)

This Mod Adds 14 Unique(Or Not) Challenges! Here You Will Find:

--Moms Knife ONLY Challenges.

--Peepy Experiences.

--An High Damage 9 Lives.

--And An Infection Compilation.



x 1

- 3 New Challenges!

- Secrets...

- The Not So Secret Bumbo Challenge...

June 5, 2018 - 3 months ago

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