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Herr Hat and Pals
A bizarre change of graphics and story
Created 9 months ago

A decent into a surreal nightmare

Herr Hat and Palls is a mod that changes most graphics in the game into insanity. Sprites don't fit, animation jitters, there is no shading (sorry leather), there are weird self inserts, there are inside jokes no one will get, and nothing looks remotely like it belongs in The Binding of Isaac. I can confidently say this is a mod experience you wont get anywhere else (for better for worse).

Not everything is changed or even remotely completed
I will update this mod on my downtime, and there is a ton of stuff that hasn't been changed yet (it is a ton, I measured) but I have been working on this mod for a few years now and I want some harsh as fuck feedback as to where to go next. A ton of the sprites look broken, and I am currently trying to figure out if I want to keep them that way. I plan on adding music and sound effects that better reflect how the game looks, and I also plan on adding voice acting along with a completely different story.

I hope you enjoy this weird thingy I am making.


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- I finished some graphics for items, pocket items, effects, and transformations. There is probably other stuff I just haven't kept a log of my changes...I should probably do that.

this is some high quality graphics (meme intended )
Why thank you! i put a lot of work into the- i mean yeah! m-memes hehe...whups

(in all seriousness though thank you for the comment! )
bizarre en anglais c'est weird
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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