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Herr Hat and Pals
A bizarre change of graphics and story
Created 1 year ago

A decent into a surreal nightmare

Herr Hat and Palls is a mod that changes most graphics in the game into insanity. Sprites don't fit, animation jitters, there is no shading (sorry leather), there are weird self inserts, there are inside jokes no one will get, and nothing looks remotely like it belongs in The Binding of Isaac. That said behind the warts and all approach to a total graphics conversion is a surreal nightmare that has an aesthetic you cant find very easily in another (probably more professional) isaac mod.

Not everything is changed or even remotely completed
I will update this mod on my downtime, and there is a ton of stuff that hasn't been changed yet (it is a ton, I measured) but I have been working on this mod for about 3 years now and I want some harsh as fuck feedback as to where to go next. A ton of the sprites look broken but its not a bug its a feature.

As this mod becomes further developed i want to add a story line that is completely different from the usual game, that includes the story of two spy vs spy style characters that want each other dead, but one takes it a bit too far.

I hope you enjoy this weird thingy I am making.


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- [b]the "items and stuff????" update! also personal update on development[/b]

- Changed a ton of the items but broke a lot of other things! Character select screen might not work too well but I am going to fix that and a lot of other stuff when Repentance comes out this year...cuz god damn that DLC looks gigantic.

- I have been working on this mod for the better part of 3 years now, and there are a ton of very broken sprites i made back when i didn't even know i could use layers in Gimp. The mod is so far along now that i can't fix them without having to change a ton of other i might have to just keep them broken! sure the mod wont look as nice but the glitched sketchy style might make for some fun gawking material. Thank you for your patience!

- I finished some graphics for items, pocket items, effects, and transformations. There is probably other stuff I just haven't kept a log of my changes...I should probably do that.

just realized you can't bold stuff in version updates...frick
this is some high quality graphics (meme intended )
Why thank you! i put a lot of work into the- i mean yeah! m-memes hehe...whups

(in all seriousness though thank you for the comment! )
bizarre en anglais c'est weird
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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