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Greed is a better keeper.
Created 19 days ago
Greed replaces Keeper, but he has a better tradeoff! Greed's Starting Items: Card: XII - The Hanged Man. Spacebar Item: Wooden Nickel. Passive Items Inculude: Head of The Keeper, 20/20 x15, Anemic And, Lusty Blood. Pickups: 99 Coins, 6 Bombs, 0 Keys. Starting HP 2 Coins (Like Keeper.) This Was Made With The Issac Character Editor. I do not Know if This Works With AB+ yet, but I'll find out in about 1 or 2 days, when I GET AB+ for myself :/, ALSO When Greed gets down to 0 Coins He Becomes "Not Greedy" and is depressed, you have 5 minutes to win with 0 coins. If you go 5:01 He Commits Suicide Because Of His Depression, so Kill Yourself :'(.

ONLY FOR AFTERBIRTH RIGHT NOW. Also, change the .7z file to a .xml file if it doesn't work.


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The wooden nickel had no cap because of the mod infinite item charge
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

We now have a store with modding-related and Antibirth shirts, with designs by the amazing Elko! The price may be going up a little soon, so if you wanted to get them at the lowest price they will be, now is the time. Special thanks to DragonoidSlayer for helping get this set up!

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