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Slightly Easier Rebirth
A helping hand for those new to the game having a hard time.
Created 12 months ago
Adds a Bed, 1 Key, 1 Bomb and 1 Nickel at the start of every floor (The Bed restores 3 Red Hearts, or gives you 3 Soul Hearts if you don't have Heart Containers).

Every character starts with The Halo and Cartridge (NOTE: You need to unlock The Halo to start with it).

Angel Rooms and Devil Deals that didn't have an item before do now.

The Curse Room with 4 Spiders and 1 Big Spider now has 4 Spiders and 1 Stone Chest.

There's also another version included that instead of a Bed there's a Red Heart, if you consider that the Bed makes it too easy.

Also i included other multiple versions inside if you only want specific parts of the mod or wanna make your own combination.

This mod only works on Rebirth.


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June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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