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Coino | Teraphobia
An enemy for Teraphobia.
Created 23 days ago
Let us all welcome the Beggar mimic himself... Coino!

He is a custom begger, which will grant you a soul heart once you've payed him enough.

The problem is, Coino is greedy and wants coins right then and there, so if he is not given any coins within a 7 second period, he will transform into a fountain of bullets, spraying everything around him till they perish.

Coino is apart of a mod coming soon(ish) to the workshop known as "Teraphobia". It is being worked on by a big group of very talented people, and we have been working for months to finally get something out.

This is one of the 15+ enemies we currently have, and is only a small look into the things we will be adding. Be sure to join our public discord for any information, or reveals. (https//

If any bug or problem occurs, be sure to contact us via our discord server, or to my discord's dms (Gator#9256).


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November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

We now have a store with modding-related and Antibirth shirts, with designs by the amazing Elko! The price may be going up a little soon, so if you wanted to get them at the lowest price they will be, now is the time. Special thanks to DragonoidSlayer for helping get this set up!

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